We are aerial mapping experts 

Operating nationwide and with 20+ years of industry experience, we are leaders in generating accurate stockpile reports, detailed DSM and 3D terrain models or aerial photogrammetry of sites, towns, remote wilderness areas, mines and quarries.

Aerial map of Sunshine Coast QLD
Beautiful orthophotography.
DEM of a mine in NSW Australia
Perfect surface elevation models.

We turn the real world into a digital canvas. 

By making 3D worlds

Our 3D models are accurate and quantifiable.

Capture cities, regions, towns, mines and construction sites with extremely high quality volumetric 3D models. Use the right mouse button change the orientation of the model above.

Flood visualisation

Our data is compatible with 3D rendering engines, the same engines that run modern computer games. Using these engines, we can create flood overlay animations that accurately depict what water, at a chosen height by the user will look like. 

Construction progress aerial photography

Orthographic aerial photos

Using our proprietary system of eight cameras we can cover several thousand square kilometres of aerial survey per day.

Time lapse your job site as it is built.

Digital Elevation Models

Accurate DEM's

Accurate digital elevation models created to meet ICSM Guidlines.

We can provide data as a ground surface layer only or with all surface features overlaid.

Volume Calculation of stockpiles

Accurate volumetric calculation

Generate reports to demonstrate comparisons between months, or measure a baseline dataset with a validated level of confidence.


Point Clouds

We classify point clouds on request, and supply in LAS or E57 formats, with a point cloud that meets ICMS guidlines.

We can generate full RGB point clouds, or standard classifed point clouds.

Photo of our 3D mapping camera array


Excellence through advancement

We build systems dedicated specifically for our task. We have combined a pod system which expands to eight cameras including an IMU with pitch roll and yaw accuracy to 0.01 degrees built into the camera pod. This results in highly accurate data straight from capture.

Our proprietary camera array of up to eight cameras allows us to capture extremely large areas fast. This makes large area survey affordable for everyone. 

Stockpile reporting and volumetric calculation

Stockpile reporting

Take volumetric measurements with a validated level of confidence. 

LAS and E57 Point clouds

3D Point Clouds

We can classify point clouds, and supply in LAS or E57 formats, with a point clouds.

3D flood modelling visualisation

Flooding Visualisation

Accurately depict what water, at a chosen height by the user will look like.

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